A job as an aircraft mechanic is potentially one of the most stressful and important jobs on the planet. The position requires you to think on your feet, make important decisions and work quickly to problem solve. If an aircraft mechanic disregards the safety procedures put before him, lives are at stake. In order for safety to remain your top priority in the hectic working environment of the airport, follow these five tips.


1. Be mentally prepared.

Tensions are usually high when an aircraft mechanic is hard at work. The work is dangerous, and schedules need to be kept, meaning that the mechanics have minutes to solve serious problems in many cases. Be prepared for this each day that you go into work. Off days are expected in any field, but ensure that you have someone review your performance if you aren’t on top of your game.


2. Know the trade.

It’s unrealistic to expect that an aircraft mechanic will be a master in every aspect of the craft. It’s important to dedicate your time to familiarizing yourself with new technology.


3. Attend training sessions.

Training is the most important aspect of being an aircraft mechanic. Because the field is constantly evolving, it’s very important to utilize every opportunity to learn more about procedures and mechanics. Paying attention in a training session can mean the difference between a disaster and a job well done.


4. Be proud.

It sounds silly, but one of the best ways to be a safe aircraft mechanic is to be proud of the work you do. If you’re proud of what you do, you’re more likely to dedicate the extra seconds required to make it perfect. “Good enough” is rarely good enough in the aviation industry. Have pride in your work, accept praise for your work, and make sure all your work meets your own personal standards.


5. Keep yourself safe.

One of the best ways to keep other people safe is to keep yourself safe on the job. You’re working around loud, dangerous machines and high-powered equipment. Pay attention to your job and your surroundings. A sense of urgency is natural in the field, but don’t allow that to distract you. Do your job slowly and do it correctly, and you’re much less likely to harm yourself or your co workers.


Following safety procedures is half the battle as an aircraft mechanic. Your primary concern is the safety of the passengers and crew of the aircraft you’re repairing. In order to do your best work, remember to consider your own safety and training.


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