If travelling and experiencing new things in a fast paced environment is your thing, you may want to consider becoming a flight attendant.

There are arguments for and against being a pilot.
Air travel unfortunately can often bring out the ugly in people. Team a long flight with these offenders and it can make for a very stressful journey.
If you work in aviation, you'll be familiar with the following types of people. The people that some of us have to encounter nearly every single day. 
How many facts about flying did you know?

The outlook for aerospace engineers in the USA currently is looking promising.

What you decide to put on your resume, will be all that a potential recruiter has to form an opinion of you.
LinkedIn can be an extremely useful tool for you when you're looking for new employment.

If you have an interview coming up, it can be difficult to know exactly how to prepare. The more impressive the job, the more likely that you’ll be nervous in the interview. Feeling well-prepared can help you to make a good impression, and ultimately to land your dream job.

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