If you're a pilot who has fallen in love with the profession, you will certainly be able to relate to some of these forces of habit.

A regional airliner in Taiwan came crashing down into the Keelung river at 10:56am today with 58 people on board. 

Lufthansa, the flag carrier of Germany, are looking to strengthen their position in the US aviation industry by

If like us, you have a passion for aviation and consider yourself a bit of an 'avgeek', you will certainly benefit from following some of these guys on Twitter

An accident report claimed this week that a 46 year old pilot's artificial arm came loose as he was landing a Dash 8 aircraft, causing him to momentarily lose control.
Google Earth satellites have recently revealed high resolution imagery of this fascinating, almost eerie aircraft and missile storage and maintenance facility based in Tuscon, Arizona. 
We recently put a survey out to our users who are currently employed as pilots, asking them a few basic questions about their careers and the ups and downs they have to share with those who are thinking

Are you thinking of becoming an avionic technician?


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