Kansai International Airport

Kansai International was built about 3 miles off the shores of Osaka, Japan. In 1987 work started on the island and in 1994 Boeing 747's were touching down. Travellers can get to Kansai Airport by car, rail or high speed ferries. But why is this airport so unique?This artificial island measures an impressive 2.5 miles long and 1.6 miles wide, that's large enough to be viewed from space. Over 25 years ago when this island was first built, the engineers hadn't taken global warming into account and it has since been discovered that this airport could soon be under water.

Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar is a tiny British territory that sits between Spain and Morocco. Construction of the airport dates back to World War Two where it was used as a base for the Royal Air Force. It is still used by the Air Force, however, commercial flights land on a daily basis. But why is this airport so unique? Gibraltar's busiest road, Winston Churchill Avenue cuts straight across the runway. Crossing gates hold drivers back as the aircraft make their decent into the Gibraltan airport.

Madeira International Airport

Madeira is a small island far off the coast of Portugal, originally the airports runway was so small that even the most experienced of pilots would struggle to land here. The runway measured a riny 5000ft long. To ensure that the runway was as safe as possible for the landing aircraft’s, legislation meant that they had to expand the runway by a further 3000ft, showing exactly how short the original runway really was.

Don Mueang International Airport

Don Mueang Airport in Bankok, Thailand is one of the strangest airports in existence. From a distance the airport is your normal mid size airport, however, take a closer look and you'll notice the 18 hole golf course bang smack in the middle of two runways.

Courcheval International Airport

Courcheval is known as being one of the most iconic ski resorts, the resort of choice for many wealthy Europeans and American. However, attempt to get here by plane and you'll be required to land at one of the strangest/ scariest runways of all time. The runway itself is around 1700 metres long and is set on a hill. You land going uphill and take off down it. It is suggested that small aircraft can take off without turning on their engines but simply rolling down the hill. To land at Courcheval airport pilots must acquire further certification.

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